Mar 28, 2012

"Wild Ideas" in the Rappahannock News

Pickerel Frogs are now breeding in the Virginia Piedmont.
Photo by Brian Gratwicke, licensed under the
The Rappahannock News, which publishes my "Wild Ideas" column in its print edition, will now be publishing the column online most weeks, even if there isn't space in the print edition. The paper has had a page dedicated to the column, where you can find current and older columns. Last week's, about my reentry into Frogwatch USA monitoring and the progress of amphibian breeding down at the ponds at the base of the mountain where I live, is available exclusively in the online edition.

Pickeral Frogslots of themare calling down at the ponds at this point, although I managed to climb up to the pond further up the mountain one evening and was almost deafened by the Spring Peepers' chorusing up there. More about that, with a recording included, later this week.

Red-spotted Newts have also been exhibiting breeding behavior down at the lower ponds, but so far only one egg mass looked like theirs. Then again, some of the egg masses, likely the Pickerels', that were there one day disappeared the next. With lots of predators in and around the pond, that's not a huge surprise. For more about the Pickerels and frog monitoring, check out my column in last week's Rappahannock News online edition.

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