Jun 17, 2012

The First Weeks of Life for Eastern Phoebe Babies

This slideshow is of the first weeks of the life of a brood of Eastern Phoebes. The location is above a kitchen-fan outtake at my house in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The babies fledged a day after the last photo was taken. They went suddenly and silently. While I don't see them, or the dad, anywhere, they are supposed to hang around the parents for the next three weeks, with the dad taking on most of the feeding chores while the mom starts a new brood, likely within a couple of days. I removed the old nest to avoid infestation by mites, so first she'll have to build a new one, or choose one she already built. Phoebe females often start more than one nest before choosing which one they will use for a particular brood. They may reuse the same nest for the next brood or move to or build another one.

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