Jun 10, 2013

Herps, Easements, and Eels

Lots has been going on up here on the mountain, but I've been busy with trying to sort out the species of various salamanders and lizards on the property, and doing research on conservation easements in a local watershed and on the American Eel. Look for more on all that soon, as well as updates to my nature journal.  Meanwhile, you can check out my most recent "Wild Ideas" columns, on the mass emergence of Brood II of the 17-year cicadas and on the fledging of the first round of baby birds where I live, at the Rappahannock News.

Turns out the identification of a skink I also wrote a column about was incorrect. My next column, which should appear in the Rappahannock News this week or next will chronicle my adventures in herp identification, in which I enlisted the help of the Virginia Herpetological Society. For now, you can enjoy the herps in question in the slideshow below.